Lance Luce
Church Organ Consultant
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Lance Luce has been a organ
consultant in Michigan since
1991.  He is currently the church
Lance Luce has been a organ
organ consultant for
Organs for Evola Music.  Lance
has designed and installed over
350 organs in churches, homes
and institutions.

His background includes pipe
organ repair and building, as well
as electronic organ design,
installation, voicing, and

See a list of Allen installations on
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Below are some (but not all) of the most recent installations.  We are
working on two new pipe combination organs right now . . Stay tuned!
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Lance Luce

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Dear Mr. Evola

I am writing to let you know what an amazing job Lance Luce
did in determining the perfect organ for St. Rene Goupil
Catholic Church in Sterling Heights, MI.

Not only is Mr. Luce an expert in the technical aspects of
organs, Allen Organs in our particular case, but he is an expert
in pre-calculating how a particular instrument will respond to the
specific room where it will make beautiful music for years to

In addition to his technical and logistical expertise, Mr. Luce is
an extremely patient, generous, and kind person who you are
very fortunate to have on your team. His attention to detail, care
for the needs of the customer, and willingness to go the extra
mile is second to none. We got so much more than what we
expected and Lance was there every step of the way including
the installation and follow-up.

I would highly recommend Lance Luce and Evola music to
anyone looking to replace or enhance their current instrument.

In the Potter's grip,

Greg Crachiolo
Director of Music
St. Rene Goupil Catholic Church
35955 Ryan Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48310