Lance Luce - Wanamaker store
Philadelphia, PA
During my trip to Delaware in Janaury
2012 I was fortunate to get to take a
side trip to Philedelphia to see and hear
the pipe organ at the Wanamaker
department store.  I had seen the organ
before, many years ago at an ATOS
convention.  Since then it has recieved a
lot of care including the console being
refinished and a combination action that
now works.

Stephen Ross and myself happened to
be there on the one day of the month
that they were giving a "tour" of the
organ.  Our tour guide was Nick, one of
the countless voluteers that are part of
the Friends of the Wanamaker organ.  
The store is now owned by Macy's and
I was told that they realize what a
national treasure they have in the organ

We went through many of the chambers
on several levels of the store.  There are
pipe chambers behind the golden
colored facade pipes, and behind the
grills on the levels above.  I got a picture
of some of the string pipes and 2 of the 7

More about this famous organ can be
found on their web site
There is a little Wurlitzer
installed in Greek Hall also  
in the building.  I did get a
chance to play it.  It once
belonged to famous organist
Lowell Ayars.  Its console
has been expertly refinished
and it's a little gem.
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