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Hi,  This is a page to explain in more detail about the pipe displays
that I've sold on Ebay.

My Dad and I built a pipe display in about 1977, and I've had it
hanging in my home (and moved it from home to home) ever
since.  People always comment on it, because it is so interesting
looking.  Many friends have said they would like one, because they
are so unique...

In the last few years, I've been collecting pipes from pipe organs in
the Detroit area, as they are taken out of churches that are buying
new Allen organs from me.  These pipes might have met a worse
fate if I hadn't saved them...  I've had the ambition of making some
more pipe displays, like the one my Dad and I made, maybe to
hang in my office, etc.

Well, I did it......

Contact me if you'd like to acquire one !  Especially the big one at
the bottom of the page!
Pipe Display #1
Pipe Display #2
Pipe Display #3
Winston Salem,
North Carolina
Pipe Display #4
SOLD to Bellingham,
Pipe Display #5
This is the pipe display that my Dad and
I made back in about 1977.  It is a very
narrow scale Flute rank, with no lead on
the toes.  It hangs on my wall, just
behind the organ.
All the pictures below are "Click to Enlarge."
Pipe Display #6
The GREEN ruler is 12" and the brown
and white yard sticks are, well, 36" :)
Pipe Display #7
Note the half round shape of the mouths
of these pipes, interesting design.
Pipe Display #8
Note this rank has
stopped pipes with
non-painted handles.

This unit is HEAVY, I
weighed it at 31
pounds.  I made a
special 45 degree cut
hanging wood strip.  
You attach the strip to
the wall, and hang the
matching piece on it.

As you can see, it's
about 4' long and 3' high.
The GREEN ruler
is 12" and the
brown and white
yard sticks are,
well, 36" :)
Pipe Display #9
Very Nice !! black
painted stoppers, unique
arrangement (layout).

About 4' long , 3' high.  
24 lbs.  I haven't put any
hanging hardware on it
yet.  I do have some eye
hooks that are 6" long,
and could be drilled all
the way through the top
board and a washer and
nut put on it.  That'd do
the trick :)
Pipe Display #10
Pipe Display #11
Pipe Display #12
These are very unique, and
I may not be able to part
with these.  The wood is
like a Maple.  I'm not sure if
it is Maple, it's probably
something that I'm not that
familiar with.

There are two sets here, a
baby set is 21" wide and the
Momma set is 41" wide.
Oh yes, the "Big One"

7 feet wide, and 5' 1" tall.

Weight: 86 pounds !!

Please ignore the battery
operated candles, my son was
decorating it for Halloween.

This has the mounting wood on
the back.
17 pounds, one heavy duty eye hook in
the center.