Lance Luce - Manasota Theater Organ Society,
Sarasota, Florida
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The Manasota Theater Organ Society is located in
Sarasota, Florida.  I had the chance to play their lovely
4/32 Wurlitzer to a large audience.  The picture below
was taken soon after the doors opened, it filled up quickly.

The organ is kept in great shape and is a lot of fun to
play.  The folks were very responsive.  The combination
of the two made for a wonderful experience!!

Grace Baptist Church is the location of the organ in
Sarasota.  There is a picture of the outside of the church
below as well as two patrons that were not allowed in
because of their refusing to buy a ticket (kidding).

Great place to hear a Mighty Wurlitzer and enjoy the
weather at the same time!

Highly recommended!!