Typical Delivery and Installation . . . .
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There is NO such thing as a "typical"
install and delivery.  EACH ONE is
totally different and unique.

Getting the console into position is
the first step, and can sometimes
involve hoisting it into a balcony or
choir loft.  Having a good
professional moving crew helps a lot.

Proper speaker and pipe placement is
essential for a pleasing sound.  
Mounting of the speakers and/or
pipes can require lifts or scaffolding.

Running the wires from the organ
console to the speakers or pipes
sometimes is like following a maze.  
We go through basements, attics, air
ducts, etc.  We try to hide the wire,
or make it blend in so that it is
almost invisible.

Custom adjustment of the sound in
the sanctuary (voicing) will match
the organ to room and musical needs
of the church.  A lot of this is done
with a lap top computer.  In a
combination organ (pipes and digital)
this technology lets us match the
digital with the pipes perfectly.
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