Lance Luce - Bob Bonner residence organ.  
Custom Allen 2 manual French Terrace
Custom Design from the
"ground up".  An Allen
Q265 that is closer to a
Q285 with added stops,
modifications and
alterations.  This is the
first EVER 2 manual
French Terrace Allen
Organ, custom
designed by Bob
Bonner and Lance Luce
of Evola Music.  Bob's
vision is now a reality
and it is truly a beautiful
Here are some pictures while the organ console was being built in the Allen
Organ factory in Pennsylvania.  You can see the raw Oak without stain in some
pictures, and then after stain was applied in other pictures.  The console was
made as a two piece, so the top "key desk" would separate from the "pedestal
base."  This made it possible to move through the doorway of a home.
Here are the pictures of this custom console when it was featured as "Organ of
the Week" on the Allen Organ Co. web site.  We at Evola Music have been
honored to have several organs on this list.
Sometimes you can build a dream.  
In Bob Bonner’s case, his dream
was made with Oak, Maple and
Rosewood, with a large helping of
cutting edge technology under the

Bob came to me with some pictures
of French Terrace organs that
included design concepts that were
important to him.  He and I went to
see the 3 manual French Terrace
organ that is installed at St. Mary
Catholic church in Milford,
Michigan.  We played the organ
and Bob was impressed with the
sounds of the stops.  The Allen
Organ Company has built several
of the 3 manual design, but they
had never made a 2 manual

We started sending the Allen
Organ Co. our ideas, Bob’s “wish
list.”  The biggest difference from
what Allen had built before was
obvious.  The new design would be
one “tier” shorter, one less
keyboard and one less row of
stops.  Bob started his original
design with 7 drawknobs per tier,
per side and a single row of
drawknobs along the coupler rail.  
We were starting to have to “cut”
things from the basic Q265
specification, so it became clear to
us that we should go back to the 8
drawknobs per side, per tier.

Now, we had more knobs than the
standard Q265 specification called
for, so we added a 16’ Gemshorn,
16’ Dulzian and an 8’ Krummhorn
in the Pedal.  These stops are
borrowed from the manuals, but
sure add a lot to the specification.  
We also moved 6 knobs from the
coupler rail to the appropriate
divisions of stops.

Bob is a landscape architect and
has a keen sense of attention to
detail.  Some of the details he
specified for his custom organ
were Rosewood sharps on the
manuals and pedals, Rosewood
drawknob shanks, Maple faces on
the drawknobs, and probably the
most striking feature, an inlaid
stripe of Rosewood on each
side/top edge.  He also asked for
red felt in-between the keyboards
and no “tilt” on the Swell manual,
so it is parallel with the Great

There were a few departures from
the standard on the drawknob
nomenclature.  The stop names
used the “Schlicker” names with
sequential numbering.  The Reeds
were engraved in red and the
Orchestral names were omitted.

Lastly, the headphone jack was
mounted under the keydesk on the
left side.  There is an audio input
jack included in the back of the
organ.  Full antiphonal relays were
called for with their drawknobs.  A
Zimbelstern relay was installed for
future use, with the appropriate toe
stud and drawknob.  The console
was built as a two piece instrument,
so the keydesk can be separated
from the base.  This was essential
for allowing it to fit through his front

Sound like Bob knew what he
wanted?  He did :)  and he got it.  It
is a one-of-a-kind custom built
organ to his specifications, with a
little help from me.  And the folks at
the Allen Organ Company did a
masterful job at building what really
is a work of art.  The organ looks
as beautiful as it sounds.
Here's the organ's official "Glamour Shot" as taken by the Allen Organ Company.
Here are some remarks that Bob
made after his experience going
through the design and building
process with us at Evola Music and
the Allen Organ Company:
Mr. Jim Evola, President
Evola Music
7170 Haggerty Rd
Canton, MI  48187

Dear Jim,
I want to let you know how elated
I am with my “Evola Experience”
during the planning, creation,
and installation of our new Allen
Renaissance Quantum Organ.  
All goals and expectations for a
finely crafted musical instrument
have been exceeded in every
respect.  To this end, many
skilled individuals effectively
coordinated all aspects of this
nine month project.
My thanks and appreciation is
extended to Lance Luce, Evola
Church Music Consultant, for
effectively communicating all
custom design details with the
Allen technical staff in
Pennsylvania.  Lance’s technical
product knowledge was
essential and always evident in
this process and his
commitment to total client
satisfaction was always a
Lance’s administrative staff is
also to be commended for their
friendly and effective handling of
information, records and other
Finally, the Allen Organ
Company receives my gratitude
and regard for upholding the
highest musical standard of
quality and craftsmanship in the
creation of this custom musical
instrument of moderate size.  
Every detail has been perfectly
interpreted and executed by
dedicated and experienced
My thanks again to you, Jim,
and the Evola team for allowing
me to realize a musical dream.

Kindest regards,
Bob Bonner
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