Lance Luce - Australian Adventures
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These pictures were taken on a concert tour of Australia in 2000.  I played concerts in
Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart, Tasmania.  After spending that many
hours on a plane, you feel like it's a part of you.  :)  5 concerts, lots of fun visiting and sight
Lance with a Koala
Lance at Sydney Harbour
Lance at the Blue Mountains
Sydney Opera House
Here are some pictures from our 1987 trip.  I played 4 concerts on that tour.
We had fun posing with
our "fake" luggage.  
They even let me fly the
plane a little.
Stopped for a day in Auckland, New Zealand and 3 days in Fiji on the way home.  The left picture is from New
Zealand, the right two pictures are from Fiji.
This last group is from my 1984 trip.  I was the guest organist for the Theatre Organ convention that year in
Melbourne.  The concert was at the Morrabbin Town Hall.  I had a lot of fun meeting so many great people.
We went for a little fly over the
city.  They knew I was a pilot and
wanted to see if I flew on the same
side of the air. (that was a joke.)
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I have had the opportunity to go to Australia 3 times to play concerts.  I was
there in 1984, 1987 and 2000 Here are some pictures.
The little Kangaroo was letting me
hold it's paw !!  In my other hand is my