Lance Luce - Casa Loma, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
Here are some pictures from my last trip to Toronto.  I played a concert at Casa Loma on the
4 manual Wurlitzer, billed as the "biggest Wurlitzer in Canada."  I took some pictures of the
Castle, and drove around a bit remembering the 8 great years that I lived there.  There is
LOT of new building going on in the downtown area.
Here are some
pictures of the
Castle.  There are lots
of rooms and
fireplaces.  I went up
to the tallest tower,
had the place to
myself . . so cool!
< - - - - This is a view from the tallest
tower, back down onto the roof of
the castle.   wow.
I "borrowed" this quote from their site:
"..Lance has always been a favourite of Casa Loma audiences since his eight-year tenure as featured organist at the late
Organ Grinder restaurant. At age 19 he was the youngest chief organist in Radio City Music Hall history, and with a
number of international concert tours and recordings to his credit Lance is presently a church organist and
representative for Rogers organs in the Wolverine state..."
I had some free time before the
concert, so, I went for a drive.  I know
you're not supposed to take pictures
WHILE you're driving.
Oh Yeah, the concert was GREAT.  The organ sounded
the best I've ever heard it.  John Struve is doing a
super job at improving the organ.  And, Toronto is still
one of the most amazing cities in the world.
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