Lance Luce - Sandusky State Theatre, Sandusky, Ohio
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Sandusky Ohio is about half-way
between Toledo and Cleveland Ohio.  I
have been there many times in my life,
but for a much different reason.  My trips
to Sandusky Ohio in the past have always
been to visit the amusement park called
Cedar Point.  I love to ride roller coasters,
and Cedar Point does not disappoint
those that like thrilling rides.

During this trip, however, the ride was up
and down on the orchestra lift of the
beautiful State Theatre, while playing the
Page theatre organ.  Though the ride was
much slower, it was thrilling in it's own
way.  This organ is the original organ to
this theatre.  It was removed at some
point and was installed in a home in the
Detroit area.  I remember playing it in that
home back when I was a teenager.  

The homeowner donated the organ back
to the theatre, and it was re-installed.  In
recent years, leading up to this 2013
re-dedication concert, Scott Smith of
Scott Smith Pipe Organs LLC did
extensive work on the organ to improve
it's winding and regulation, etc.  A new
Uniflex relay was installed.  Carlton Smith
did the restoration work on the console,
and it turned out beautifully.  The organ is
probably in better than new condition.

The concert I played was to re-dedicate
the organ.  The 8 ranks and percussions
nicely fill the theatre with sound.  The
audience seemed thrilled with the organ.  
The second half of the concert included a
silent movie comedy to show off some of
the capabilities of the instrument as it
might have been used in the silent movie

The organ "did it's job" masterfully, and
brought the house to a standing ovation.  
This theatre once again has a gem of an
organ that will be treasured for decades
to come.  There was a reception
afterwards for some of the workers and
donors associated with the project.  David
Taylor, Executive Director of the theatre
was the host for the concert and the
reception.  The long time employee, Tim
Kostel provided all the technical house
support and back stage operations.

It was an honor to be asked to perform
this re-dedication concert, and I hope I get
a chance to play in this beautiful theatre
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