Lance Luce - Pittsburgh Area
Theatre Organ Society
February 14, 2009 I played a theatre
organ concert on a very unique 3 manual
19 rank Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.

This was the 4th concert that I have
played for the
Pittsburgh Area Theatre
Organ Society over the years.  The first
concert was in 1986.  The next two
times were in 1996 and 1997, and now
in 2009.  The organ started out as a 2
manual, 10 rank instrument, and has
grown to it's present 3 manuals with 19
ranks.  It sounds very nice, and is fun to

I took some pictures of the organ
console, including some detailed shots of
the unique decorations that adorne the
sides and top.  They also let me take
some pictures of the pipes.  The organ
"lives" at Keystone Oaks High School,
and they were setting up for a musical
play that includes some trapeze and
other "circus" acts, hence the hanging
ropes, etc.

The Concert went very well, the
audience was very appreciative as they
always seem to be in Pittsburgh.  Jay
Smith was my host who met me for
practicing and piston setting, etc.  Jay
and I enjoyed a nice Italian meal
together on my first night.  After the
concert about 20 people went out to
dinner, and that was most enjoyable as
well.  Bob and Shirley Flowers, who
have always been "key" players in the
Pittsburgh Organ Society, were at the
concert, and joined the group for the

I had a little free time on my trip, so I
treated myself to a self guided (well, with
the help of my GPS) tour of Pittsburgh.  
I found the "Incline" which I have ridden
in other visits.  This time I decided just to
take pictures :)  You can see the incline
cars, the gears and cable, as well as a
shot from "across the way" looking back.

The other thing that always amazes me
about Pittsburgh are the HILLS.  I tried
to take some pictures that show how
steep they are.  Also there are pictures
of some of the downtown buildings, etc.

Pittsburgh is a buzzing city, with not one
flat, straight road. :)  Check your brakes,
and make sure you know how to shift
into low gear before attempting the hills.  
The organ is worth the climb !!
"The Incline"
"The City"
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