Lance Luce - Phipps Center For the Arts,
Hudson, Wisconsin
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The "Phipps Center for the Arts"  is located
in Hudson, Wisconsin, a short drive East of
the "Twin Cities".  They support community
Theatre, Youth Theatre, dance, music, art,
and.... Theater pipe organ!!

The organ is great, nice and "punchy" in the
small auditorium.  I enjoyed playing for the
responsive audience of 150+.  The organ
has some very musical ranks including the
Tibia and Sax which were beautiful.

Terry and Bob are in charge of the organ,
they had it in tune and ready to go!  They
made sure that everything on the organ
worked as it should.  The organ performed
flawlessly at the Saturday afternoon show.  
In addition to the Christmas selections, we
had a sing-along with slides, and a short
Laurel & Hardy film to add to the

This facility has had an organ concert
series for 25+ years, and has featured
many top artists from around the world.

Thanks to John Potter, the CEO of the
Center for inviting me to play as well as
being my ride to and from the airport.

Besides the organ series, the center is a
great place to visit with lots to offer.  If
you're in the area, drop in, and tell them I
sent 'ya.
The "Phipps Center for the Arts"