Lance Luce - Old Photos
Played the Guitar when I was 8 years
old.  Started on the organ at age 10.  
Played both for a while.
This was taken in 1972 at our house in
Warren, Michigan, I was 13.  Love
those pants!
This is the Barton organ that used to
be in the Royal Oak Theatre.  I played
intermissions there when I was 13.  I
did that for many years.
This was at American Theatre Organ
Society convention in the early 70's.
Played the organ for my graduation
from High school in 1977.  Big glasses
and BIG bow ties!
I was in the Yamaha National Electone
Organ festival from 1972 until 1978.  
Finally won the nationals in 1978.
At Radio City Music Hall in 1979.  
Seated at the house left (stage right)
organ console.
Yes, I am in this picture -->
In 1980, the Pied Piper Pizza Peddler
opened in Warren, Michigan.  I worked
there for 3 years.  Lots of fun.  
In 1983, I played at Theatre Organ
Pizza and Pipes in Pontiac, Michigan.
<----   Elizabeth was 2 years old in this
picture, and at the top of this page is a
picture of me when I was 2.  One
generation on a page.
From 1984 to 1991, I played at the
Organ Grinder Restaurant in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada.  8 great years.
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Some of these will make you laugh, I'm sure :)