Lance Luce - Music House Museum
The Music House Museum is in Acme Michigan, which is just North East of Traverse City, Michigan. They have a
wonderful collection of musical instruments, almost all of which play by themselves !!  They have player pianos, and
band organs, and, well you name it !!  They probably have it.

All of their vast collection has been restored to like new condition, and I would highly recommend you stop there
when you're in the Northern Michigan area.  Actually it's worth the trip to the area.  Of course, I could be a little
partial.  One year, a few summers ago, we stopped there on a family trip, and they let me play one of the pipe organs
they have there.  I wasn't dressed up then (because I was on vacation :)  )  Well they added ANOTHER instrument,
a three manual Wurlitzer !!!

I played a concert there in May of 2006 (and again in 2008) on their new baby, and it sure was fun !  Actually, I did
2 concerts, back to back, because the seating is limited.  We did a sing-along and a short silent movie.  The organ
sounds great, and I hope to play there again sometime in the future.

Here are some pictures from there.  Their link is:

Tell 'em I sent 'ya !!
<-----    This is a 3
generation picture.  My Dad
came up for the concert, and
my Son Nick went with me,
so we took the opportunity
to get a picture of all of us
together.  We had a great
time !
This lighthouse is not at the Music
House Museum, it is at the point on the
North end of the land that divides the
two Grand Traverse Bays.

We drove up there for fun, it was still a
little chilly that day, but we got the
picture !!!!

This lighthouse is called "Old Mission"
and it sits on the 45th parallel, half way
between the equator and the North

Guess what?

I found a web site with lots of pictures
of the lighthouse on it.

Here's it's link:
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