Lance Luce - Organ Concert
Grand Ledge Opera House,
Grand Ledge, Michigan
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Here's peek inside the organ chambers.  
There are two rooms filled with pipes
and percussion instruments of all
description.  They are located on the
upper level, above the organ console.
The opera house sits adjacent to a river,
and has a walk-out lower level that can
also be rented for gatherings.  The main
floor can seat 150 easily, many more if
April 2017, was the third time I got to play this fun organ.  I only
had to play the first half of the concert, and Scott Smith played the
second half.  It was entirely enjoyable for me!

Now that was fun !! Again!!  Sunday, November 22, 2015 was
the second time I've had the chance to play here, and it was again,
a fun instrument to play, and in great shape too!  

Sunday, November 18, 2007 I played an organ concert at
3:00pm at the Grand Ledge Opera House in Grand Ledge,

Scott Smith is the curator of the organ there.  That means he gets
to do everything and anything from tune the organ to organize the
concert series, etc.  Scott has been the mastermind behind the
"creation" of this organ for many years.  It began it's life as a
Barton organ, but Scott has added to it to make it a much bigger
and better organ than it's original design.  Scott does have help
from a dedicated group of volunteers (including, but not limited to,
Bill Worthy of Grand Rapids)  who share his same love for this

To get the full (and accurate) story,
click here to visit their web site.

Grand Ledge is on the West side of Lansing, Michigan, and is a
cute little town.  The "Opera House" was once a skating rink, now
transformed.  The acoustics on the main floor are great for the
organ.  I was pleasantly surprised by how reverberant and
"snappy" the organ sounded.  It made it a pleasure to play.  The
pipes speak into the room from two chambers located up on the
mezzanine level, and provide a sound that fills the room, but
doesn't blast anyone :)

Don't get me wrong, this organ is not without power!  It's gets up
and moves when asked.
The organ is equipped with a computerized capture
system for the organists presets.  This makes it fast
and easy to set "combinations" for the performance.  It
also can store the presets in memory for future use, if

The afternoon audience about filled the chairs on the
main level, and they were very responsive.  No one
seemed to mind the occasional sonic surge when I
couldn't contain the temptation to let it rip into FFF
range for a few moments.  At least I didn't see anyone

Seriously, the attentive audience seemed as excited as
I was to hear all the different tones and colors this
organ has to offer.

For you organists out there.  There are two Tibias,
two Voxes, 5 strings and host of other ranks that
blend to make a very pleasing sound.  It really was a
joy to play.  It is one of those rare magical matches
between instrument and room that make for a more
than successful musical happening.

In the little town of Grand Ledge is a organ treasure.  
If you get the chance to hear it, you should.  This is
their 13th year of concerts.  I wish them good fortune
for many more years to come!