Lance Luce - Frauenthal Center for the Performing
Arts, Muskegon, Michigan
February in Michigan, especially on the
West side of the State can bring
surprises in the weather department.  
February 20, 2011 was one of those
days.  The drive to Muskegon from the
Detroit area the day before was sunny
and most of the snow was gone.  Two
hours before the concert, a winter
storm hit, dropping 10+ inches of snow
during the next several hours.

After the 3 O'Clock show, our drive
resulted in a 5 hour drive home in less
than ideal conditions.  Oh well, we live
in Michigan, and after all, it is winter :)

As you see, I did get a couple of nice
pictures of the frozen lake, with some
cold sand in the foreground.  Makes
me want to come back to Lake
Michigan in the heat of the summer to
walk on the beach.
The Barton organ at the Frauenthal
Center for the Performing Arts
sounds very beautiful in the 1,700
seat  auditorium.  The original 8
ranks of pipes are in the left side
chamber and the newer digital
ranks and percussions come from
the right chamber.  The balance
between the two is very nice, and
having two of just about everything
makes for a full, rich, stereo like

There are ranks like saxophone,
musette and post horn that were
not in the old specification, but now
the organ has them, and boy does it
make a difference.  The organ
really has a variety of tonal colors
and a musical range it never had

I played this organ a long time ago,
before it was renovated, and
before the auditorium was restored
to it's original splendor.  I hope my
pictures do it some justice as it is
very beautiful.

Bill Bodell is the go-to person, and
he was very helpful in arranging
everything from rehearsal times to
making sure everything was ready
with the organ as well as the
auditorium, and he's a nice guy :)

I enjoyed playing for the
appreciative audience.  
Unfortunately Mother Nature was
not kind to us, and a winter storm
kept a lot of people home.  
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