Lance Luce - Allen Organ Company
April 17, 2009 was my first concert as an Allen
artist!  And it was at "Octave Hall" right at the
corporate headquarters of the Allen Organ
Company in Macungie Pennsylvania.

The original Allen organ factory was in Allentown,
Pennsylvania, (hence the name - Allen Organs) but
later moved to nearby Macungie.

The recital hall seats a little over 400 people, and it
was sold out!!  The audience was very responsive
to the sing-along and the silent movie, they even
laughed at some of my jokes :)

I played two organs, but most of the program was
on the 4 manual theatre organ that was designed by
Walt Strony.  The stage rotates like a carousel
bringing one of four organs to the front.
I played a few songs on a four manual classical model to start out
the second half of the program.  The concert was a fun experience
for me because of the fantastic organ and the energetic crowd.  
Hope to get to do it again sometime.

Attached to the recital hall is a museum with displays of many of
the innovations that the Allen Organ Company has introduced
over the years.  The displays show many different eras of
technology, and the progression from tubes to modern day digital

There is a gathering space when you first come in the doors, with
many current model organs on display.  The company executive
offices are located in this building as well.  The factory where the
organs are built is located less than a half mile away in a massive
building.  Call them to arrange a tour if your in the area, it is well
worth it.
The Museum